DFR021 <<< Dub Rules Everything Around Me

22 February 2021

Dub Rules Everything Around Me

  • Artist: Dub Rogue
  • Format: MP3, FLAC, WAVE, ALAC, AAC, Ogg Vobis, AIFF, Stream
  • Tracks:
  • 01 - "Introdubbery: Rogue" feat. Mari K 3:30 min.
  • 02 - "In Dub We Trust" feat. Mari K 3:52 min.
  • 03 - "Trustworthy Dub" 3:52 min.
  • 04 - "Safe Space Dub" 3:48 min.
  • 05 - "123 Fake Street Dub" 2:52 min.
  • 06 - "That's Why (Stripped to the Bass Version" feat. Wayne McArthur 2:52 min.
  • 07 - "That's Dub (Ethereal Version)" 2:52 min.
  • 08 - "INFJ Dub" x:xx min.
  • 09 - "Interludedubbery: Cutaway Guy" 5:37 min.
  • 10 - "Dark Smile" feat. Mari K 3:20 min.
  • 11 - "Dark Smile Vocal Dub" feat. Mari K 3:20 min.
  • 12 - "Dark Smile Instrumental Dub" 3:20 min.
  • 13 - "Muster & Strukturen (Not Overly 1337 Remix)" feat. Lingo x:xx min.
  • 14 - "Patterns & Structures (Not Overly 1337 Dub)" x:xx min.
  • 15 - "KotED Chapter 8: End Times" x:xx min.
  • 16 - "KotED Chapter 9: The Eternal Dub" x:xx min.
  • 17 - "Outrodubbery: Dub Rogue" 3:12 min.
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    Behind the Scenes


    Everything by Dub Rogue
    at Beyond Andromedub Studio, Suomi (2018-2021)
    Mastered by [to be revealed]

    Behind the scenes:

    15 years later.

    This is a selection of Dubs which Dub Rogue produced during the years 2018 and 2021. The album is a free give-away for all the loyal Dub Flash fans out there. All 12 of them. Thanks for your support throughout the 2+ decades!

    Here is a bit of information about some of the tracks:

    1: Produced as intro for this album. Original title idea was "Rogue Planet", but now it's not.

    2: Produced as opening track for this album.

    3: Instrumental dub version of the track "In Dub We Trust" feat. Mari K. There is a wild electro-remix of the instrumental dub version called "In Dubio Pro Rogue" available on the "Around the World in Dub Chapter 11" compilation on Dan Dada Records. [Link]

    4: This is a riddim which was intended to get a vocal feature. Unfortunately, it didn't work out, because the song was considered "too crossover". The track is only slightly dubbed, and on purpose minimalistic, as the riddim is the driving force. If you feel it, you feel it. If not... well, meh.

    5: Originally meant as the riddim for the vocal track "It's All Just Stories That We Tell" feat. SpongeDub SquareDance. There are three different stories in the vocal cut, which eventually reminded me of my favourite The Simpsons episode "Trilogy of Error", so I decided to finally (it was on my to-do-list for over 20 years) make a tribute to that episode. The vocal cut is dubplate-only.

    7: In 2006 I recorded the song "That's Why (I Love Jah)" with Wayne McArthur, intended for release on "DFR011". As you know or don't know, DFR011 got postponed for various years, and eventually cancelled. Some of the tracks of that EP made it to "Escape Velocity", however, there was a fundamental issue with Wayne's vocal track. Let's just say the digital file was corrupted. I tried to fix it for a long time and managed to cut parts together to create a coherent vocal version, but the final mix just isn't doing the original song justice. I really wanted this song out, because the chorus is so catchy, and I did my best with what I had. The riddim is stripped to minimum ingredients, so that the song would kinda work.

    This is the original dub version which has developed and progressed during a span of 14 years. Yes, good things take a while, and I never give up.

    8: Remixed instrumental dub version of the 2006-remix "Andromeda Rootswise" for Blondub Sexy Sound. The original remix is available on the CD album "God Bless The Empress" (Imusic). An alternativ version called "Andomeda Shortcut" is available on the LP compilation "Mutan V.s. Robots" on Mutan Records. I have been asked for an instrumental version several times (at least three times in 14 years), so here we are.

    9: This is the interlude. By accident I pitched up the "Summertyme" riddim in Cubase, and found out that the result was some kind of smurf dub with quite the groove. I immediately knew that I need to add Family Guy samples to make the song completely irritating for you. It's my favourite track of the album. ;)

    10: Darkish remix of the track "Smile" feat. Mari K which is available on Dub Flash's "Escape Velocity" compilation on vinyl and digital.

    11: Darkish vocalised dub version remix of the track "Smile" feat. Mari K.

    12: Instrumental dub version remix of the track "Smile".

    13: Yet another remix for my Berlin-based musical compadre Lingo. It's in German language.

    14: That's the dub version. Nothing more to add.

    15: This is SpongeDub SquareDance's take on how the world will end, according to various religions and philosophies. Interesting, but dark.

    16: This is a minimal dub version. Very minimal. Almost meditative.

    17: And this is the end, the absolute end. Dub version of track 1.

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